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Reata Equine Veterinary Group

We bringĀ over 50 years combined equine veterinary experience to every call.
When it comes to the health and well being of your horse, experience counts.

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Moble Equine Veterinary Services

Reata Equine brings the clinic to your horse. We are able to provide all services short of major surgery in your Horse’s home environment.

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Reata Embraces Learning

Reata Equine embraces education and the learning experience. We regularly provide learning opportunities to current students and recent graduates with our ride along, externship, and internship programs.

For our clients we provide detailed and informative articles on Equine health in our blog.

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Preventative Medicine

Vaccinations, wellness exams, and appropriate dental work help ensure your horse is healthy as a horse.


Emergency Medicine

Reata Equine has been “on-call” for nearly forty years. If you suspect an equine health emergency call us immediately, any time day or night.



With experience, equipment, and in house labs at our disposal, we are able to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat most equine health conditions.



Good health starts in the mouth.
Reata Equine provides experienced, medically grounded, dental care.



Over the last 37 years Reata Equine has established a reputation for excellence in equine reproduction. Contact us with any equine reproduction or fertility concerns.



Reata Equine takes a special interest in working with your farrier on corrective shoeing and other podiatry needs.


Complementary Medicine

Treating the whole horse sometimes requires going beyond Western Medicine. Reata Equine has certified chiropractic and acupuncture practitioners.

Wellness program

The Reata Equine Veterinary Group wellness program is our effort to provide theĀ best preventative medicine possible for your horse.

The program is FREE, and entitles you to exclusive discounts.


Receive special discounts on wellness exams and preventative services, like vaccines and dental work.


An effective wellness program reduces the frequency of emergencies for your horse, and as a result the wellness program provides discounts on emergency services.

Records and Information

Participants in the well care program can rest easy knowing they have a central access point for all information about their horse’s medical history.

You are the leader of your horse’s healthcare team

Reata Equine encourages you to learn as much as possible about horses, and how to be a responsible owner.

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Core Abilities


Reata Equine has been a preferred provider of various assisted reproductive techniques to the Tucson horse community for nearly forty years.


Lameness hurts, it impacts performance and it is often painful for your horse. Our team of veterinarians get to the bottom of your horse’s lameness to provide effective solutions.


Our mobile clinic is equipped with digital x ray, ultrasound, and endoscopes. The ability to see the under the skin speeds diagnosis and treatment for your horse.

Geriatric Care

Your horse can be expected to live for decades. As they age their dietary and medical needs change. Our veterinarians and technicians have a special interest in alleviating the pains aging horses face.

Performance Issues

Horses are beautiful movers, but their power and grace may be impaired by injury or medical condition. If your horse is not performing up to their potential, contact Reata and schedule a Sports Medicine Exam.

Herd Management

The needs of a herd are different from those of a back yard horse. We provide veterinary care for some of the largest teams of horses in Southern Arizona. Contact us for preventative medicine and emergency services.



Chiropractic care is the specific use of high force, low amplitude thrusts to facilitate proper movement of joints within their normal range of motion. Improper movement impacts the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and immune system in ways that may progress over time to clinical disease. By restoring proper movement, the patient is better able to fight off disease and compensate for active conditions (such as osteoarthritis).

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