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Equine Wellness Program

Preventative care discounts and peace of mind

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We want your horse to be pain free and content. Over millions of years of evolution, the horse has perfected ways to hide illness and pain in order to not attract predators. Reata veterinarians are trained to detect painful issues that may be affecting your horse’s well being. Common areas of undetected pain or discomfort are dental, back, foot or abdominal in origin. Our complete physical exam on each visit is designed to address these areas of pain and our program discounts are designed to help decrease the cost of addressing those issues.

$50 OFF Emergency Visits

We respond to emergency situations day, night, weekends, and holidays.

Some risks can not be reduced, but often times emergencies are preventable with regular exams. This is because we can detect changes in your horse’s health before they become life threatening.

With detailed medical records from regular exams we are better able to identify the causes of an emergency, treat it, and prevent it from occurring again.



15% OFF

Equine Dental Procedures Scheduled during February or August


Selected Lab Work

10% OFF

Routine Blood Work to monitor trends & identify health concerns

Intestinal Parasite Screening (fecal exams)

Hoof Balance

10% OFF

Hoof Balance Digital X-Ray Scheduled in the month of December

Colic prevention

Through review of feeding practices, sand accumulation control, parasite control and dental care we can dramatically reduce the incidence of colic in our patients.

Laminitis prevention

Through dietary control, exercise recommendations, shoeing, and metabolic control we can dramatically reduce the incidence of laminitis in our patients.

Lameness prevention

Through review of your horse’s hoof balance, wear patterns, and regular exams we can catch and correct issues before they turn into lameness.

Eliminate Back Pain

Saddle fit and other back problems can often be eliminated.

Trust in over 35 years of Equine Veterinary Service

Horse ownership is a joy

At Reata Equine we understand the joys and concerns that come with caring for a horse.

We can help prevent worries about possible illness, nutrition, shoeing, lameness,
vaccinations, and more.

Regular exams improve the quality of care we are able to provide. For this reason we offer special discounts to clients who participate in the wellness program.

How Does the Program Work?

We get to know you and your horse, and give you the knowledge and tools to maintain your horse’s health and soundness. In the event of an emergency or serious illness our relationship can make all the difference.

We provide twice a year visits to review your horse’s health and administer seasonally appropriate vaccinations.

The Reata office will call you spring and fall to schedule your horse’s visits. We will make every attempt to accommodate your schedule, so you can be at the visit if you choose.

You receive exclusive discounts

For prevention, health, and wellbeing

  • Physical exams to evaluate: body condition, mouth, eyes, ears, legs, feet, back, heart, lungs, blood, sand accumulation, and movement at a trot
  • Feeding practice review
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite control consultation + fecal exam
  • Simple explanation of all findings
  • Written report of findings and suggestions

Reata has three equine veterinarians to care for your horse. You may request the veterinarian of your choice and every attempt will be made to accommodate your wishes. We do like to have all of our veterinarians become familiar with all of our patients and their owners in case someone other than your usual Reata veterinarian is on call when your horse needs a veterinarian.

Free to Join

Joining our Wellness Program is a simple way to ensure your horse stays in the best possible health.

Simply fill out the enrollment form and return it to Reata Equine Veterinary Group.

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