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Wellness Program Enrollment Form

By enrolling in the Wellness program you agree to the following terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Payment at the time of the Wellcare visit is required. We accept Visa/Mastercard, CareCredit, check, and cash. If you cannot be present at the time of the Wellcare visit, please make prior arrangements for payment.
  1. Your account must be current to qualify for any discounts offered under this plan.
  1. The discount for Digital Hoof Balance Radiographs only applies to the Hoof Balance Radiographs performed during hoof balance month (December). It cannot be combined with any other lameness exam or radiographs. Payment is required at time of service.
  1. The discount on dentistry applies to any dentistry procedure when performed during dental months of February and August. It does not apply to any sedation or other drugs used during the procedure. Payment is required at time of service.
  1. The 10% discount for Routine Blood Work is limited to a complete blood count (red blood cell count with indices, white blood cell count with a differential count, platelet count), fibrinogen assay (measuring inflammation), serum chemistry (electrolytes, protein, liver functions, kidney function, muscle enzymes, TCO2). This test is drawn at the time of the Wellcare visit and only after the owner approves the test. Payment is required at time of service.
  1. The discounts offered by this program are dependent on enrollment and the horse must remain in good standing. To remain in good standing the horse must receive the twice yearly examinations and vaccinations.


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